(Source: iTunes Podcasts)

By: Gabby Richardson

This past year a few friends made me realize Podcasts are an amazing source of entertainment and even interesting facts, which I am particularly fond of. I now listen to podcasts during a car ride, while riding the bus, taking the train, and even flying. Why not learn something new or hear an interesting story while working out, grocery shopping or cleaning, right?

With thousands of episodes and hundreds of podcast channels covering a variety of topics, it’s hard to narrow down the list. So, here is a list of particular podcast channels and episodes I recommend, just to get you started.

Serial (Season 1)

I was recommended this podcast channel by This American Life, and I must say, it was worth subscribing to. Season one takes you through a journalist’s investigation into the case of Adnan Syed – convicted of a 1999 murder occurring while he was just a teenager. The testimony, facts and trial of Adnan Syed will at some points leave you assured of his guilt, or confident he is innocent. Overall, should he be granted a re-trial?

Reply All

This podcast follows a series of current topics primarily within the internet realm. Do you have questions about what happens to your lost Bitcoin currency? Wonder how Amazon really works? Did someone get YouTube famous based on their pet collection? Find out by subscribing.

Stuff You Should Know

Full of interesting facts, and perhaps one of my favourite podcast channels. Hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant go through a series of concepts, points in history, world events, and even crimes. Want to know more about Amityville? Don’t know much about Pompeii? If you want to improve your everyday knowledge, I would highly recommend listening.

The Joe Rogan Experience- #1149 “Michael Scott Moore”

Joe Rogan is an entertaining host throughout every podcast episode. He is a very thorough and interesting interviewer, and hosts a wide variety of guests from comedians to scientists. My favourite episode thus far would be Rogan’s interview with Michael Scott Moore, a novelist who was kidnapped and held captive by Somalian pirates. His story of survival will leave you astounded… you certainly won’t forget it!

99% Invisible – The Green Book redux

I listened to this episode about a week ago and it’s one I will remember! This episode explains the significance of the motorist ‘Green Book’ during the time of racial segregation in the United States of America. If you are interested in the American Civil Rights movement, I would highly recommend this episode

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