About Adrianna Woodburn

Adrianna Woodburn, or “Adri” as Gabby and her friends call her is a 4th year student at the University of Guelph majoring in Honours English. She’ll be following up her BA with a Masters degree in Gothic Literature. Adri loves writing, reading and learning, so it’s no surprise she’s studying English! She published her first play at 17 and hasn’t stopped since. Throughout her university career Adri has written for The Guelph Mercury and Her Campus Blog. 

Adri will be joining Gabby in Denmark in June 2019 after her graduation and she can’t wait to learn all about Europe on their trip. She is so excited to share this experience traveling with her best friend and all the fun things that come up along the way on the blog. Follow Adri as she prepares to graduate, applies for grad school, and navigates through her early 20s. She’ll be talking about makeup, skin care, relationships, health and wellness and of course body positivity! 

Get more of Adri on Instagram and Twitter

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