Gabby is on Exchange!

Hello everyone! Gabby Richardson is currently on exchange! She is attending the University of Copenhagen for the spring semester. Gabby is about 2 weeks into her new adventure. She’ll be posting about her first impressions of Danish life and Copenhagen very shortly. Gabby’s articles about her exchange will be tagged “I love you to Denmark … More Gabby is on Exchange!

Ometepe Island

By: Gabby Richardson In December 2018 I visited Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. These are a few photos that highlight my experiences. I hope this gallery convinces you to visit the island.

Embracing the Detour

By: Adrianna Woodburn It’s the time of year. The special moment young adults are all rushing home to open the large letters in the mail from colleges and universities. Do they get accepted? Is there a scholarship? The past two years I myself have had this experience. The overwhelming sense of joy and amazement. You … More Embracing the Detour

I learned how to make a Traditional Nicaraguan dish called Baho!

While visiting Ometepe Island I helped to prepare the traditional Nicaraguan Baho meal alongside a talented and passionate Nica woman. By: Gabby Richardson Nicaraguan cuisine is known as being hearty. Plantains, rice, beans, chicken, pork and beef are some of the main culinary staples of a Nicaraguan diet. The traditional dish Baho incorporates some of … More I learned how to make a Traditional Nicaraguan dish called Baho!


By: Gabby Richardson This past year a few friends made me realize Podcasts are an amazing source of entertainment and even interesting facts, which I am particularly fond of. I now listen to podcasts during a car ride, while riding the bus, taking the train, and even flying. Why not learn something new or hear … More Podcasts?

The End of 2018

By: Adrianna Woodburn Instead of trying to come up with some crazy resolutions that I’ll never stick too, I’d like to close out 2018 by reflecting on what I’m thankful for. 2018 saw a lot of challenges for my family. I said goodbye to some amazing people in my life who are all now resting … More The End of 2018

Zorita Castle Ceramics

By: Gabby Richardson  Here are a few photos of the many ceramic pieces found in Zorita Castle’s cemetery during archaeological excavations in July 2018. To learn more about archaeological excavations in Zorita Castle, check out Gabby Richardson’s field report and “The Dig”

“The Dig”

By: Gabby Richardson In July of 2018, I was lucky enough to participate in an archaeological dig with ArchaeoSpain. It took place in the small town of Zorita de los Canes, home to only 90 people. So what drew in a crew of 9 volunteer archaeology students? The medieval structure, sitting atop this small town, … More “The Dig”

An Archaeological Field Report- ZC’18

This is an academic style field report of Gabby Richardson’s excavation experiences in Zorita Castle.  Field Report: Archaeological Field Excavations in Zorita Castle – July 1st-19th, 2018By: Gabby Richardson History of Zorita Castle Located in the small village of Zorita de los Canes, Zorita Castle was an occupied functioning medieval fortress from the 9th to … More An Archaeological Field Report- ZC’18

About Gabby Richardson

Gabby Richardson is a 3rd year undergraduate Anthropology Major at the University of Guelph, minoring in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. Gabby is an aspiring archaeologist with a passion for travel. She’s been to 18 countries… and is still counting! For her next big adventure, Gabby will be going on exchange to the University of … More About Gabby Richardson